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  Catechism for Kids is closing!

ANNOUNCEMENT: As the primary author and owner of the Catechism for Kids website and curriculum, I would like to express my gratitude to our customers and especially to those who have encouraged us over the years.

In God's providence, I have lately been overwhelmed by the demands of caring for an adult autistic son and a young daughter with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and I do not feel that I am able to continue to give this work the attention that it needs. Catechism for Kids website and Facebook page will close at the end of October.

However, in preparation for this closing, all PDF curriculum will be available for FREE download from October 1 through October 31. All customers who want to complete their collection of curriculum during this time will be welcome to do so at no cost.

Workbooks will remain available through Amazon indefinitely at the usual price for customers who wish to purchase after November 1st.

This is a difficult decision for us, as Catechism for Kids has been a labor of love for years. It has been a great blessing to me personally, and I hope that it continues to bless others for many years to come. Thank you all for your support!

- Caroline Weerstra, Catechism for Kids




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