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   About Catechism for Kids

Catechism for Kids is a family-owned business located in upstate New York. Our mission is to provide quality educational materials to families and churches to help children learn the basics of the Christian faith. Particularly, we emphasize a historical perspective and use of the catechism.

The question-and-answer format of the catechism is wonderful for training children to memorize, but we work to ensure that children can do more than merely repeat the words. Children should be able to understand. Our curriculum always seeks to provide children with the means to decode difficult vocabulary and comprehend complex theological ideas.

In addition, Catechism for Kids seeks to provide appropriate modifications for children with disabilities. We believe that children who have language comprehension deficits are often overlooked by the story-telling focus of most Sunday School curriculum. Children who have autism or other disorders should be provided with educational material which will help them learn and grow in faith. With this goal in mind, we produced a curriculum for special needs children, Special Catechisms for Special Kids.

Catechism for Kids always seeks new ways to expand and improve the resources that we offer. We welcome any comments or suggestions.

Thank you for considering our curriculum. We look forward to serving you.


 About the Authors

Caroline Weerstra is an author and a mom to four children. Caroline began producing catechism curriculum to assist her autistic son in learning the basics of the Christian faith.   When she discovered that no workbooks were available to help her daughter understand the big words and challenging concepts of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, she began writing what eventually has become the Westminster Shorter Catechism for Kids series. Currently, Caroline lives in upstate New York, where she attends Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church with her husband and children.

Thomas Trouwborst is a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian denomination and serves as a pastor in Schenectady, New York.He and his wife Colleen have nine children.

Rev. Trouwborst believes in the importance of Christian education and training children in the tenets of the faith.By making good educational materials available, he hopes to encourage Christian parents and teachers to provide children with a good biblical foundation for life.


Laura Kwiatkowski is a wife and mother in Georgia. She translates our workbooks into Spanish.



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